I am convinced that what is required of me is simply to make less of what is too much and more of what is not enough.








 Arielle Knight works as an independent filmmaker, producer and editor of short and and long form documentary films. She has experience producing branded content, installation videos, creative commercial content and web series. Arielle's work is grounded in the practice of socially engaged, community-oriented collaborations. She is a teaching artists and current Laundromat Project Create Change Fellow. Arielle holds a BA in African American Studies from Wesleyan University. She is a graduate of the New School for Public Engagement where she received an MA in Media Studies & Documentary Filmmaking. Currently she is collaborating with Aubin Pictures as an Impact and Associate Producer. She is a New York based artist and activist.  

Previous Clients: Lucky Peach Magazine, Condé Nast, Collectionaire, NYC Department of Education, L'OREAL, The National Park Service, Shea Moisture.